​DRV DAV Centenary Public School
Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi
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Involvement of Students : Our prime concern
Benjamin Franklin once observed: “tell me and I forget; teach me and I may remember; involve me and I learn”. How aptly he emphasizes the need involving students in daily learning! Modern teaching should be interactive and not a one –way process. A class comprises of all kinds of students- gifted and brilliant, average and weak. So a teacher has to address all the categories of students. If he pours out in the class what he knows, the mind of the students is often distracted. But if he exhibits his knowledge with real life connect and practical examples, he involves all the students in what he teaches. So real teaching should be both interactive and illustrative coupled with values and life-skills Everyone can become a teacher but a few teachers prove to be effective and successful in their mission. The primary objective of a teacher is to involve students in what is being taught. It requires that teacher should be competent and skillful, erudite and dedicated, adaptive and sympathetic. As every student is not wired in the same way, so a teacher has to come up to the level of each and every student. He should not only be a trend- setter but also an ENABLER to help students explore their hidden potential and talent. A dry well can not quench the thirst of travellers. So a good teacher should be updated and motivated, missionary and master of his subject. In our school, we have a team of teachers with multiple skill. This galaxy of teachers helps students get diverse knowledge and perspectives, wide options and choices in all spheres of student activity whether it is Academic, Sports, Art, Music and Co-curricular activities. It stimulates their zeal for creativity and innovation thus taking education beyond class-room.

Visionary goal that pave our path

  • To imbibe a perfect blend of Anglo and Vedic, traditional and innovative system of education.
  • To foster excellence in the acquisition of the knowledge through scientific technologies and ultra-modern methodologies.
  • To include Indian ethics and values such as respect for cultural heritage, service to mankind, social responsibility and cosmopolitan outlook.
  • To provide state-of –the-art facilities to ensure balanced, harmonious and multi-dimensional development of the students so that they are able to grab global opportunities.
  • To develop competence and confidence among the students to enable their effective participation in their day-to day situations.
  • To engage devoted and dedicated teachers who teach with a missionary zeal to instil basic mental abilities, logical thinking and scientific attitude among the students so that they go through the ups and downs of the life  in the optimistic and determined manner.
  • To provide a conductive environment for the physical, intellectual, ethical and aesthetical growth of the personality of students.
  • To channelise the energies and to unfold the potential of the students so that they become aware of their role in the global modern society.
  • To promote interactive learning through diversified curriculum developed by NCERT.
  • To promote excellence among students through holistic approach so that they achieve success in all spheres of life.00
  • To achieve academic proficiency and to enable our students to live a meaningful life.
  • To instil life skills and cultivate the habit of creative, divergent and critical thinking among our students so that they become ready for global competitive world.