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Three days Exhibition on Sustainable Development Goals
Event Start Date : 28/11/2019 Event End Date 30/11/2019

"The First Step Towards Change is Awareness and
With Awareness reality shifts"
When learning about the environment’s declining health it is easy to feel discouraged, but what keeps us fighting for a healthy world is the future of our children. They should not have to inherit our environmental problems and in order to keep their future bright, spreading awareness is imperative.
Hence to make the public and students aware about some of the burning issues related to the environment , the school strided towards the UNO goals of Sustainable Development , so that a better and sustainable future can be attained for all.
Environment is green, but we need to make it clean.
“If you are sensitive towards your surroundings and identify the real problems, fruitful innovations come up naturally,”
Therefore, the school decided to commence the project from 29th Nov on 'The world Pollution Day' till 2nd Dec on 'The National Stop Pollution Day' in the form of Exhibition.
During the three day Exhibition ,Young enthusiastic participants from 3rd to 6th grade showcased the static and working models covering the following UNO goals: Goal no. 6 Clean water and Sanitation
goal no. 13 Climate action
goal no. 14 Life below water
goal no.15 Life on Land.They came up with great innovative ideas on how these problems can be handled and prevented which were clearly demonstrated and explained with the help of their models. Students made still models, working models, charts and posters to present their topics.
All the classes were beautifully adorned according to the theme of the exhibition and students were dressed in thematique attires .
Through this exhibition, students not only learned about various environmental problems and their effects on our life but also took Pledge to protect "The Mother Earth" from such disastrous issues.
Principal, Dr. Yogesh Gambhir appreciated the students and encouraged and motivated them to build a pollution free environment.