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Motivational Talk with XII Students
Event Start Date : 26/11/2019 Event End Date 26/11/2019

Motivational Talk with XII Students
An interactive session was held between Dr. Yogesh Gambhir, worthy Principal of the school and students of XII class which culminated into a pep talk wherein fruitful tips to evade stress and harnessing time to optimal utilisation were provided out of the vast repertoire of knowledge and experience. Dr. Gambhir mulled over the preparation strategy and study plan of the students; comparing it with the partly rigid and flexible nature of Indian Constitution. He dwelt on the significance of being a smart worker and also diligent one, thus conflating hard work with smart work as success is wrought with the amalgamation of both.
He exhorted that different emojis expressing sadness , happiness and confusion must be put to use in order to grapple with students' comprehension of the concepts taught.
Instead of merely framing schedule of exams, what is vital is to adhere to it. The session was informative, interactive and a real stress buster which would stand in good stead for students to be better equipped to take exams in a positive way, emulating exams with festivity as they satiated their queries.
The session ended with a note of positivity and students received good luck wishes from the venerated Principal.