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DRV DAV takes initiative towards girls' hygiene
Event Start Date : 19/07/2019 Event End Date 19/07/2019

DRV DAV Centenary Public School conducted Menstural Hygiene Workshop on 19th July and joined ‘Niine Movement’ which aims to spread awareness about menstrural hygiene. The Niine Movement is an ambitious 5-year plan that aims to tackle the taboos associated with menstruation by engaging all genders and ages to step forward and join hands to promote the importance of menstrual hygiene awareness. Ms Poornima Sharma (Education and NGO relation officer) was the resource person who acquainted girls about menstrual cycle that is the symbol of child bearing in women between puberty and menopause. Niine believes that every woman should have access to safe menstrual hygiene to maintain a healthy life and stay comfortable during her menstrual cycle. She told that only 18% women use sanitary napkins in India.82% women use unhygienic alternatives like cloth, rag, hay and ash, which are often not hygienic and can be detrimental to her health. She explained the right and hygienic usage of sanitary napkins to the girl students and motivated them to be careful about their diet during these days. 
Keeping in view, the personal hygiene of girl students and female staff of the school, DAV Phillaur installed incinerator machine in the washroom.
Girl students and women staff were demonstrated how to use the machine. Disposing-off the napkins, which was a problem earlier, has been also been solved as the incinerator installed. It decomposes the used napkins to 1 gram ash and contributes to the conservation of environment.
Coordinator, Mrs. Geeta Dhingra said that this initiative has given freedom to girls and helped in saving the environment.