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Celebrating 5th International Day of Yoga
Event Start Date : 21/06/2019 Event End Date 21/06/2019

Celebrating 5th International Day of Yoga
Yoga - A Panacea 
Yoga is a source of self-realisation. It provides knowledge of self which deems to be the sole purpose of human life. Yoga prepares the person for future mental as well as physical challenges. It is a great way to work on flexibility and strength. Now days students build up stress from school, classes, family matters, friends and social situations. Without release of this stress body takes a toll. This can lead to many psychological problems. Yoga is a practice of uniting the mind and physical body as one. Hence many yoga exercises were exhibited to the students on 21 June 2019 to make them learn how to relieve this stress and anxiety with simple breathing exercise and Yoga Asanas. This year, keeping in mind the theme of Yoga Day that is ‘Climate Action ‘, students learned various natural ways to remain healthy and pledge to preserve nature for future.
Students were acquainted with the common causes of PCOS and apprised of relaxing and rejuvenating power Taking into account the benefits of Yoga the school renders frequent training to the students of varied Asanas . Various handy, convenient and useful Asanas were demonstrated to the students to deal with numerous mental and physical problems and to lead a healthy life.
Obesity is another crucial problem in teens now a days , which is very important to be tackled today. So to help students burn fat, lose weight and build strength yoga asanas were demonstrated. Students were made aware of healthy life style and advised to include yoga in their routine to lead a healthy life.
Moreover the strains of modern daily living, busy hectic life style and the pressure of juggling a demanding job, family and a social life are unavoidable. But regular yoga exercise can support the body in responding of a hectic and stressful life. Therefore, on the eve of ‘International yoga day, on 21st june, workshop on Yoga for teachers was organised. On this occasion , Mr Avtar Ram from Yog sadhana Ashram, Landra along with his team visited the school to demonstrate and teach very valuable yoga exercises to the students of the school. The session commenced with warming up session (neck rotation, shoulder rotation, hip and knee rotation etc) which was followed by session on Asanas. Jal neti kriya was also shown by the team and many students practised it on the spot. They were made aware of the relevance of the yoga in daily life. All students expressed their keen interest in learning them. They also took pledge to include Yoga in their daily routine and promised to inspire others to include Yoga in their daily life. On this occasion, Principal of the school , Mr Yogesh Gambhir stated the aim of celebrating this day. He said that Yoga provides mental and physical strength to people. It enables to live a healthy life. He urged the students to practice yoga which will help to create overall harmony of body and mind. He said that the main aim of celebrating this day is to raise awareness and ignite a passion for fitness . At last he motivated students to do yoga regularly so as they may get in tune with their body and inner self.