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Education is the apprenticeship of life, being a DAV institution ,our prime mission is to produce self –reliant and self sufficing students who are able to give to the world a new light with new learning.

-To impart quality, scientific and value-based education

-To enable our students to grow into aesthetically rich, intellectually aware and spiritually integrated persons  who are sensitive to the environment, responsive to social issues and able to fulfil their dreams and aspirations .

-To bring out the full potential of the students by enabling them to discriminate between right and wrong.

-To train our students into technologically fluent luminous-beings so that they become global citizens with cosmopolitan vision.

-To cultivate a sense of belongingness in our students is our key concern.   

                                                                   OUR VISION

With an objective of strengthening moral fibre of our students, nurturing an  entrepreneurial spirit among them and to enable them to face challenges of modern life, our school emphasis collaboration, co-operation and competitiveness .It empowers all the students to be decision makers of tomorrow. 

-To imbibe a perfect blend of Anglo and Vedic, traditional and innovative system of education.

-To foster excellence in the acquisition of knowledge through scientific technology and ultra-modern methodologies.

-To inculcate values like respect for cultural heritage, social responsibility and cosmopolitan outlook.

-To ensure balanced harmonious and multi-dimensional development of the students so that they are able to grab global opportunities.

-To provide a conducive environment for the physical, emotional, intellectual, ethical and aesthetical growth of personality of students.